ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.5 - Computer Applications

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Upcoming Conferences:

2015 Winter Conference
Chicago, IL
January 24-28, 2015

2015 Annual Conference
Atlanta, GA
June 27-July 1, 2015

2016 Winter Conference
Orlando, FL
January 23-27, 2016

2016 Annual Conference
St. Louis, MO
June 25-29, 2016

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TC 1.5 Scope:

TC 1.5 is concerned with the determination of computer applications to the design and optimization of refrigeration, heating, and air-conditioning systems, equipment and components thereof; and with programs for all such uses.

Participating in TC 1.5:

Want to become involved in computer and computer application issues at the Society level? Read through this web site, join the mailing list, and regularly attend the meetings of TC 1.5 at ASHRAE's Annual and Winter Conferences!


TC 1.5 Meeting Times:
TC 1.5 meets at the following times at Annual and Winter conferences:
TC 1.5 Computer Applications- Main Meeting Monday 6:30-9:00p
TC 1.5 Emerging Applications SubcommitteeSunday5:00-6:00p
TC 1.5 Research SubcommitteeSunday6:00-7:00p
TC 1.5 Program SubcommitteeSunday7:00-8:00p
TC 1.5 Handbook SubcommitteeMonday 6:00-6:30p


ASHRAE 2015 Winter Conference- Chicago Update:
Information about the upcoming conference in Chicago is now available.

ASHRAE is excited to return to Chicago for the 2015 Winter Conference, its historically best-attended event. Attendees can discuss the latest topics in the building industry; participate in technical tours; attend ASHRAE Learning Institute courses; earn professional credits; and obtain ASHRAE certifications. Chicago also serves as the site of the AHR Expo, co-sponsored by ASHRAE and held in conjunction with the Winter Conference.

The two events combine to create the ideal atmosphere for those interested in advancing the building industry to network, inspect the latest technology and learn about the newest practices for the built environment. Donít miss the chance to participate!


TC 1.5 Previous Conferences:
ASHRAE Conference Location TC 1.5 Minutes
Seattle Annual Conference - June 2014 TC1.5 Minutes Seattle 2014.pdf (pending)
New York Winter Conference - January 2014 TC1.5 Minutes NYC 2014.pdf (pending)
Denver Annual Conference - June 2013 TC1.5 Minutes Denver 2013.pdf (pending)
Dallas Winter Conference - January 2013 TC1.5 Minutes Dallas 2013.pdf (pending)
San Antonio Annual Conference - June 2012 TC1.5 Minutes San Antonio 2012.pdf (pending)
Chicago Winter Conference - January 2012 TC1.5 Minutes Chicago 2012.pdf (pending)
Montreal Annual Conference - June 2011 TC1.5 Minutes-Montreal.pdf
Las Vegas Winter Conference - January 2011 TC1.5 Minutes-LasVegasNV1.pdf
Albuquerque Annual Conference - June 2010 TC1.5 Minutes-AlbuquerqueNM2.pdf
Orlando Winter Conference - January 2010 TC1.5 Minutes-Orlando.pdf
Louisville Annual Conference - June 2009 TC1.5-Minutes-LouisvilleKY.pdf (236K)
Chicago Winter Conference - January 2009 TC_1-5_Minutes-chicago-2009.pdf (191K)

Objectives and Status (Jan 31, 2011)::
1) Enhance communciations amoung subcommittees and membership through the use of mailing lists (listserv), web site, and collaboration tools.
2) Encourage the goals of efficient use of resources and society goals in sustainability by reduction of distributed paper paperless meetings in TC activities.